2011 / 2012 Party Hairstyle Ideas

2011 / 2012 Party Hairstyle Ideas. As we get in the party spirit, there’s tons of hair ideas and styles you can create for any party event. True party hairstyles can keep up with you all night long, from dancing, to telling jokes with your friends, to flirting with the cute guy at the bar. You want something chic,  modern, and incredibly sexy. One of the sexiest hairstyles for any party is the look of big voluminous curls and waves, you can even add clip- in hair extension for more volume. Guys are instantly attracted to girls with big hair, and your hair can become the ultimate accessory for any party girl. Braided styles are also very big this season, and they’re a new take on a fab flirty party hairstyle. This look can also easily be created at home. Other party hair trends this season include side swept hairstyles, retro inspired hair hairdos, flirty ponytails, and high buns. Look below for more party hair ideas you can wear this season.

images from allure