Curvy Girls Rocking Crop Tops – How to Get the Look

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Curvy Girls Rocking Crop Tops – How to Get the Look. It’s no secret by now that crop tops rule, and everyone is trying to get in on this hot new trend. For a while I thought only skinny girls could rock the look, but now I see that even curvy girls can severe up a mean and sexy version of the trend. The secret to pulling off this lstyle is confidence. Rock your crop with pride and show off your curves. You should also opt for a crop top a size bigger than you would typically wear to ensure the fit isn’t  too snug. Also be sure to select styles that show off just a tad bit of stomach and not your entire midriff.  Another way to wear this trend is to rock a crop top underneath a sheer blouse for an edgy fun spin. Look below for more styling tips and how the look should be worn.

“The Mindy Project” at 2014 PaleyFest

Curvy Girls Rocking Crop Tops 2

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