Nene Leakes Gets Jazzy By Launching Her Own Clothing Line

Nene Leakes Gets Jazzy By Launching Her Own Clothing Line. For those that already adore Nene’s style, you will soon be able to dress like the reality star, because she’s getting her very own clothing line.  The line is intended to “leverage NeNe’s position in pop culture to offer consumers fashion-forward, affordable apparel and accessories, designed to empower women to walk into a room and ‘own it’ — like NeNe herself.” Beanstalk says.

According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, Nene’s inked a deal with licensing agency Beanstalk which will “look to license a range of consumer products built around fashions that will appeal to the women who have watched her evolve on the show.”

There have been rumors for quite some time about the star getting her own line, and She even made a guest appearance in the hit tv show “The Game” showcasing hew own runway line. So what will this new line of clothing look like you might be wondering, Beanstalk President Michael Stone suggests that women will be able to emotionally connect with her material. A range of products are going to be on display similar to the type of fashion Nene wore during her time on Housewivees”. Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see how well the items look, and how well the consumers will love them. I’m picturing fashionable items for the women with curves.