Get The Scoop – Tia Mowry Dishes On Why She Cut Her Hair

Get The Scoop – Tia Mowry Dishes On Why She Cut Her Hair. In case you’ve been wondering why Ms. Tia decided to cut her hair, she finally reveals why. Get the deets after the drop.

A few weeks ago Tia showed off a stunning new pixie like haircut, and while the look was very fitting to the talented actress like many we wondered why she cut off her mane. Last night at the STYLE channel’s 4th Annual Give & Get Fete event, Tia revealed to exactly why she did the big chop.

I really think I’m a new person. My son is 15 months old now. I’m not the same person that I was before. The Star revealed. “I have a new perspective & new outlook on life. And it’s because of him. I wanted to do something that represented that. Cutting my hair is fresh and starting off new. I feel like I have a new lease. Because of my son.

With hair comes a lot of experiences and a lot of emotions. So I felt like I needed to just let things go.

It’s no surprise that a new chapter in her life called for a new hairstyle. For many women changing your hair can mean so many things besides just trying out a new hairstyle. We’re loving her new look and we’re hoping she decides to keep it for a while. Look below to see her full look at the event.