Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Playfully Pretty Collection

Posted on Jan 19 2012 - 2:22am by thestylenewsnetwork

Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Playfully Pretty Collection. If you want to feel pretty yet playful this spring season, be sure to check out Juicy Couture’s new collection. Perfect for the girl who wants to stand out from the crowd with bold bright colors of red’s, pinks, and yellows, feeling feminine in sexy skirts, dresses, and tailored blazers. On the flip-side the collection also featured sporty attire for the girl who loves to play and still be chic. Major spring and summer trends from the collection range from stripes, to sequins, color-blocking, and floral designs. With many of the pieces perfect for layering, you can’t go wrong with making this collection fit your own personal style. Look below to see items featured from the collection.

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