Street Style – Drea Nicole: EveryBdyLuvsDrea

Street Style – Drea Nicole: EveryBdyLuvsDrea. Check out this week’s latest street style Dera Nicole, a Trade Show/Fashion Show Specialist at Maggie Sottero Bridal.

I have one of the most random and complex styles in the world! I will mix and match patterns and colors, like florals, stripes and leopard print. I cannot wear something directly from the store i have to add my “Drea-Ness” to it, even if it means changing buttons, ripping off sleeves, spicing it up with accessories, etc. that’s why I love thrifting! My style represents me to the fullest, Fun, Quirky, and Structured! I love adding “masculine” touches such as bowties and blazers to ultra feminine styles. I believe that everyone should own at least one blazer, a pair of skinnies or leggings and a fitted “Get ’em Girl” dress! These are the base to building your wardrobe.

When it comes to hair, I LOVE LOVE LOVE BIG HAIR! I think that’s the Diana Ross in me!! I’m a fan of natural styles and sleek styles that make a statement without being too over the top. My Stylist ArrielElyse has mastered my preferences over the years, I’m kinda picky! lol


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