Protective Hairstyles For Black Women – Natural Hair Updos

Protective Hairstyles For Black Women – Natural Hair Updos. I speak frequently on the importance of protecting your hair, why because this is the biggest reason why women of color aren’t able to retain hair length.

Protective Hairstyles For Black Women - Natural Hair Updos

Protecting your hair keeps your ends tucked away so that moisture can be retained in your strands. More moisture in your hair of course leads to more growth, when hair is dry it’s easier for it to break off which then leads you to believe that your hair is not growing. Women of color have the same average growth rate of 1/4 to 1/2 per month just like other ethnicities, but since our hair break off easier than other races, we never see the added length. Which is the number 1 reason protective styles are so important if you want to grow your hair long and healthy.

Protective styles don’t have to be boring, there are there is tons of elbow room for creativity and uniqueness. Our hair can do so many things and so many different styles can be achieved. If you need some ideas look below for some stylish protective hairstyles that can help you retain length, and look fabulous at the same time.

Examples of Protective HairstylesBraids, twists, updos, wigs, sew-ins. Note – styles pictures are mainly updos. Check out braided protective hairstyles here.