Ok What…..Ri Ri Shows Off New Nose Ring?

Ri Ri Shows Off New Nose Ring

These days it seems as if Ri Ri’s style is getting edgier and edgier. Just look at how many tattoos Rihanna has been rocking lately. Well it appears that the RnB singer is trying to turn things up a notch and push things over the edge with a new nose ring…..

Ri Ri Shows Off New Nose Ring 2

Well she hasn’t quite made the leap just yet, but she’s getting there…..Her new nose ring is actually a fake aka faux nose ring style and we’re thinking she’s rocking the look out to test the waters and see if she really wants to make the move to a real version. … OR MAYBE she just wanted to try the look out for a few days. Who knows when it comes to Ri. * Side Note what’s up with all the slip dresses and lingerie that’s she’s been rocking lately? Leave me your thoughts on her faux nose ring after the drop.

Ri Ri Shows Off New Nose Ring 3